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March 5th, 2010 Comments off

Breakers, an integral component to any electrical circuit, come in many types and sizes. Two common categories are the air circuit breakers, and molded case circuit breakers. Air circuit breakers are comprised of a metal frame which serves as the breaker structure. Attached to the metal frame are the various breaker current carrying and insulation components.


Molded case circuit breakers are comprised of a dielectric compound which acts as an insulation member for the current carrying components of the breaker. The dielectric compound also acts as the frame support for the breaker.


Air breakers are typically larger breakers capable of carrying more current. One advantage of molded case breakers is their lower purchase price. The breakers you find in a home electrical panel are small molded case breakers. Molded case circuit breakers can also be larger current carrying types as well. Today’s molded case breakers can go all the way up to 4000 frame amps.


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