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Air Breaker – Real Life Stories

May 14th, 2010 Comments off
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To enclose or not to enclose? That is the question. Shakespeare phrased it exactly right, (to be or not to be) but the bard was not referring to switchgear of course. Enclose, according to Webster’s, means “to close in”. An “enclosure” in switchgear idiom is a type of electrical device surrounded “closed in” with sheet metal which serves to protect the device from environmental factors and to protect people and other creatures of the night from exposure to hot conductors.


 But what about enclosing the enclosure?


A large manufacturer we have worked with over many years, has a secondary breaker lineup located in a mezzanine section of their plant. Some amount of oil and dirt from the manufacturing process gets out into the plant atmosphere. These particles get scattered to the 4 winds of the plant settling in particular concentrations in various regions of the plant. The plant’s mezzanine section was one such region. For many years the switchgear located in the mezzanine remained open and exposed to contaminants in the air of the plant. Additional time and expense were required at annual shutdowns to clean and maintain the switchgear properly. The LVACB’s (low voltage air circuit breakers) in the lineup were literally covered with a film of oil from the environment. This oil and dirt accumulates in insulation components and raises the specter of bad things happening. Even the best maintenance program in the world cannot make up for certain burdens placed on equipment. Then someone in the plant got smart. A room was built around the switchgear completely closing it off from the plant atmosphere. One needn’t convince plant maintenance people of the value of these types of prudent cost saving measures. They see it first hand. The people upstairs who control plant funds often present a greater challenge.