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Free 3000 Amp Circuit Breaker

April 23rd, 2010 Comments off

A free 3000 amp circuit breaker! This sounded too good to be true when MIDWEST’s Switchgear Shop made the announcement.  And, of course, they were just being wise guys. It was another opportunity to spin up the Engineers a little, and it worked. What they meant was the breaker was shipped loose on the pallet, in other words free. It seems MIDWEST was shipped an old 3000 amp power circuit breaker for maintenance and testing.  The breaker was properly wrapped, boxed, and strapped to a sturdy piece of plywood.  The plywood was on a sturdy pallet. Looked like someone did a good job shipping this fairly large power circuit breaker. 


But, the breaker was free, loose on the pallet, because the plywood was not fastened to the pallet. It could just slid around, slid right off the pallet. We’ve seen a lot of different techniques used to ship old and new circuit breakers. Some good ideas and some bad. In this case, someone went all out, but still missed the mark.  Fortunately there was no damage and we added this information to our training file.