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Obsolete Circuit Breakers

March 24th, 2010 Comments off

The word obsolete, when used in the context of circuit breakers, is not used in the pejorative sense but rather, in this case, obsolete simply means no longer produced.


Take a Square D QE3200VH molded case circuit breaker, considered an obsolete circuit breaker. This is a 3-phase 200 amp breaker with a very high current interrupting capability still used widely in industry today. It can be found in many types of metering stacks. The Square D EHB34100 is another in a family of obsolete circuit breakers still in wide use today. These two examples represent an enduring part of breaker history forming a strong and ongoing niche in the used breaker market.


Besides saving up to 70% of the cost of a new breaker when buying used, it may be the only good choice you have. Only the used electrical equipment market supplies replacement breakers for breakers in use but which are out of production. Panel board lineups are designed for specific types of breakers. It would not be feasible to replace a defective breaker in a lineup with a different type or style of breaker other than what the panelboard was originally designed to use.


Used circuit breakers should come with a warranty. In most cases you can expect a one year warranty on used circuit breakers, the same time offered by manufacturers of new breakers.  Always confirm the warranty.


Do obsolete circuit breakers meet the same national testing standards as new equipment? The answer is yes, if the used circuit breakers come from reputable suppliers that properly service and test the circuit breakers before shipment.