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Top Ten Reasons to Buy Used Circuit Breakers

May 8th, 2010 Comments off

10.       If you haven’t discovered the great value of used circuit breakers you really should.


9.         The Karma given off from a used circuit breaker purchase pays rich dividends. You’ll have to experience it.


8.         Think of the future. Used breakers are of course green. The carbon credits you accumulate in this life do transfer to the next.


7.         Buying used circuit breakers saves time getting to work. Think of the time you’ll save walking from your car to your building with your new employee of the month parking spot. 


6.         Buying used breakers puts you in good stead with your significant other. No longer will you spend wakeful nights thinking about ways you can save your company money.


5.         Our used circuit breakers meet national testing standards.


4.         Our used circuit breakers are readily available. Manufacturers do not keep inventories of used breakers. Your breaker will be in your hands just as fast as preparation time allows. 


3.         Our used circuit breakers are fast and easy to purchase. Check out our web site at to see how easy it is.


2.         Only used circuit breakers can fit right in as a replacement for out of production panel board or cubicle configurations.


1.         And the number one reason to buy used circuit breakers is it saves money, up to 70% off the cost of new.